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About SolarPV.TV

About SolarPV.TV

Born in August 2009 in Brussels, headquarters of EPIA (the European Photovoltaic Industry Association), SolarPV.TV became the foremost online TV source of all that is happening in the world of solar business and technology with already 64.000+ regular viewers from 186 countries and reaching 350.000+ solar & cleantech professionals through social media and partnering portals.  

Through interviews with industry leaders and experts, country, technology, policy and market updates, and also regularly attending the most influential events throughout the world SolarPV.TV is always at the heart of the solar industry and business activities.

By utilizing our platform as well as sharing the key content with partnering web portals and social media, coupled with high-end multimedia production and communication services, we help the industry growth, while staying connected.

We believe in a future where clean energies and solar energy in particular will be the mainstream source of energy on Earth and where protecting the environment will be at the forefront of societal values and we envision, together with our partners, becoming an important contributor to this crucial transformation.

That is why we also initiated creation of SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY, the WORLD Solar & Cleantech Influencers FORUM”, under patronage of Professor Alan Heeger, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2000 & Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2006. 

SolarPV.TV became the Reference TV Business Platform not only for solar but also associated clean technologies, bringing the key knowledge to business, financial and political decision-makers and we are looking forward to cooperating with people and corporations willing to contribute in making this transformation happen.

Be a part of SolarPV.TV worldwide coverage and meet us at the following events during the year 2018