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H2H Relationship is the last thing that is gonna be commoditized in Solar Business in Australia – Adrian Noronho, International Sales Director at Fronius

Few weeks ago, on a special invitation of our friends, founders of Solar Juice, Rami Fedda & Andrew Burgess, we attended All Energy Conference & Exhibition in Melbourne as well as an amazing Solar Juice & its partners party “The Energy That Newer Sleeps”. Australia was the only one continent missing on the map of SolarPV.TV […]

Getting the Vision to Earth: LTI ReEnergy, a localization partner at Noor Solar Technology production hub in Dubai, UAE – Michael Bellmer, Managing Director at LTI ReEnergy

Following its “German heart and local content” strategy, LTI ReEnergy was one of driving forces behind setting up a solar production hub and fully integrated energy solutions in Dubai by Noor Solar Technology (NST). During our visit of NST we spoke with LTI’s  Michael Bellmer and David Walter about how did they succeed in “Getting […]

LTI ReEnergy & Nuevosol: through H2H towards strong partnership – Michael Bellmer & Sriram Dasari

Today in our exclusive coverage or Renewable Energy India 2017 held recently in Greater Noida we speak to Michael Bellmer, Managing Director of LTI ReEnergy & Sriram Dasari, Director -Strategy at Nuevosol about their recently launched partnership. LTI ReEnergy is consequently realizing its “German Heart and Local Content” strategy and by partnering with Nuevosol strengthen its position in […]

Solar Innovation: Fullerene Device Acts as Both Solar Cell and a Current Inverter

An international team of researchers has developed a photovoltaic cell based on a combination of magnetic electrodes and C60 fullerenes— sometimes referred to as Buckyballs—that increases the photovoltaic efficiency of their device by 14 percent over photovoltaics using ordinary materials and architecture. In research described in the journal Science, scientists from China, Germany, and Spain […]

Navigant Research: Global module-level power electronics (MLPE) capacity to grow to 42.2 GW in 2025

High Efficiency Solar PV Modules and Module-Level Power Electronics: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts Global cumulative manufacturing capacity for solar PV modules remained steady at around 70 GW between 2012 and 2015, but actual production doubled from 32 GW to 60 GW. This surge increased the margins of the top module manufacturers and tightened the […]

Bringing Tailored Renewable Energy Solutions together with Strong Partners – Chris Voet, LTI ReEnergy

During Intersolar Europe 2016 we spoke to Chris Voet, Chief Sales Officer at LTI ReEnergy about the specific approach of the company towards their customers. Unlike many of actors on the solar and renewable energy markets who are focusing on sales of standard products, LTI ReEnergy is bring Tailored Renewable Energy Solutions to the final […]

KACO new energy responds to shift in PV markets.

KACO new energy GmbH resolves to restructure the Neckarsulm site in Germany. Against a background of significant global growth, which is largely playing out outside Europe, the inverter manufacturer is paying increased attention to this shift in the PV markets and refining its focus. In 2015, KACO new energy group recorded strong growth outside Europe. […]

We are the renewable energy solutions supplier – Michael Bellmer, Managing Director at LTI ReEnergy

During Intersolar EU 2016 in Munich we spoke to Michael Bellmer, Managing Director at LTI ReEnergy who underlined that his company is not only just components supplier but it provides customised renewable energy solutions. As part of the Business Area Automation of the international technology Group Körber, LTI ReEnergy has been working in the renewable […]

GTM Research: By 2020, the global solar PV inverter market will value more than $7.1 billion – shipments to reach 90GW

BOSTON, Mass.  (June 16, 2016) –   According to GTM Research’s latest report, The Global PV Inverter and MLPE Landscape 2016, global shipments of solar PV inverters will reach 90 gigawatts (AC) by 2020. This represents an average annual growth rate of 11 percent between 2016 and 2020. Of the 59.7 gigawatts shipped in 2015, […]

SolarEdge technology overview

A short comparison of the three inverter topologies – string inverters, microinverters and SolarEdge DC optimized inverters. Learn how the SolarEdge solution combines the best of both worlds. About SolarEdge SolarEdge invented an intelligent inverter solution that revolutionized the way power is harvested and managed in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The SolarEdge direct current […]

SMA Retains Top Ranking in Global PV Inverter Market, but Competitors Are Gaining, IHS Says

SMA retained its position as the world’s largest photovoltaic (PV) inverter supplier in 2015, maintaining the company’s 14 percent share of global PV inverter revenue it held in 2014. SMA had previously dominated the global PV inverter market, but the company has been challenged to maintain its market position following the decline of the European […]

SMA Solar Technology acquires 27% stake in Tigo Energy to tap into the market for smart module technology

SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA/FWB: S92) is acquiring a 27% stake in Tigo Energy, Inc. in the context of a capital increase. SMA is also obtaining exclusive rights for worldwide sales of the smart module technology TS4 Retrofit. The new TS4 product platform has various options that allow an increase in energy yield, the simplification […]

Fruitful partnership in India: 700 MW of solar parks installed together by ABB and Welspun Energy

April 6, 2016, Bangalore: ABB in India and Welspun Energy, have together installed about 700 MW of solar photovoltaic projects across several states in India like Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This includes a key project of 52 MW for Maharashtra State Generation Company at Baramati, which was the first ever PPP […]

Huawei, SMA and Sungrow Lead GTM Research’s 2015 Global PV Inverter Rankings

Huawei and SMA were the leading global vendors of solar photovoltaic inverters in 2015, according to preliminary findings from GTM Research’s upcoming report, The Global PV Inverter and MLPE Landscape. SMA relinquished its position atop the inverter-shipment rankings for the first time, despite increasing its global shipments by 44 percent. However, SMA strengthened its leadership position in […]

Tigo Partners with Ginlong Solis Inverter on Module Level Power Optimization

Ginlong, a global leading string inverter manufacturer, announced today that Ginlong Solis string inverter products are now compatible with smart module platforms from Tigo Energy, a smart module market leader.  The compatible Ginlong Solis inverters range from Solis mini, Solis single phase and Solis three phase product families designed for residential, commercial and utility-scale solar installations.  Ginlong […]

Intersolar EU 2015: CSUN & Third Step 250 MW MOU, Shoals & LTI ReEnergy aim multi-gigawatts partnership; 100 GW connected by Multi-Contact

Intersolar Europe 2015 was extremely busy even though the European solar PV market seems to be slowing down.  Today, in our special issue of Weekly News devoted to Intersolar Europe we bring you an update on the european solar market as well as some of the solar industry news.  We speak to:  Sonia Benard, VP Europe […]